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January 16, 2020

What Will Happen to Your Body in Space Without a Space Suit

without space suit
Have you ever wondered what would happen to your body in space without a spacesuit? Will the subject be as dramatic as the movies portray us? Will you explode? Can you survive?

On Earth, we live in a very relaxing environment thanks to the atmosphere that protects us from the sun's UV rays, regulates our temperature, and maintains appropriate atmospheric pressure.

But the vacuum of space is much more aggressive.

Without this thick atmosphere cover, we would be exposed to all sorts of different dangers.

The most serious risk we face when exposed to outer space is lack of oxygen and peat.

Pemphigoid is the appearance of gas bubbles in the body fluids due to the lack of external air pressure.

The pressure in the vacuum of space is so low that the boiling point of your body fluids becomes lower than your body's normal temperature (37 ° C), which results in gas bubbles in your body fluids, which may cause you with atrocious risks.

It will swell ugly and may even double in size, but you won't burst because your skin is stretchy.

Your blood will not boil.

But, of course, you will suffer a great deal of pain and the blood flow inside your body will be hindered.

As we mentioned earlier, the next big danger is hypoxia.

After about 15 seconds, your body will have used all the oxygen inside and you will lose consciousness.

Some of you may think, “But I can hold my breath for minutes!”

The situation in space is a little different from what it is on the ground because of the lack of external pressure, and if you hold your breath in space without a spacesuit, you will be in big trouble.

This is because any extra air will quickly expand and cut your lungs.

After losing consciousness, you'll usually survive a few minutes maximum before you die.

Of course, there are all those harmful UV rays from the sun that will cause you to have a terrible sunburn.
x-rays - Ultraviolet rays
Ultraviolet rays and other high-energy photons (X-rays and gamma radiation) will also seriously harm your DNA, leading to mutations that may cause cancer (if you survive later), if you are in space close to the sun, from Venus’s side Or Mercury, for example.

If you were in the cold space of Jupiter and Saturn, it would not freeze immediately as the vacuum would cause heat to move away from your body very slowly.

What Will Happen to Your Body in Space Without a Space Suit?

So in short, you will swell, burn, lose consciousness, and your lungs will explode.

But do not worry, if you get involved in a difficult situation like this one day, you will have a minute or two minutes to be saved before you die, do not lose hope.

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