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January 12, 2020

What If Building Grows?

What If Building Grows?
Architecture is a whole life. When we want to study the history of any civilization or learn about its way of life, we first look at its urban development, because it gives us a strong and frank impression of the way of life used in that civilization.

For example, if we look at architecture in Egypt, we will immediately know that there is a large population density in that country, and if we look at the buildings of Syria or Gaza, for example, we will surely know that there is a grinding war that transformed those architectural buildings into crumbs of architecture, already telling us the story; the full story of the place It's an interesting thing that made me ask myself dozens of questions every day. The strangest thing was: What if architecture grows? What if we can control the behavior of substances? What if we tried to create a new technology like hydroponics technology that injects crops with specific, studied materials that determine their behavior? What if we could reach the atoms of those substances and make them viable ?! what if architecture is growing?

In fact, the idea seems to be a scene from a science fiction movie; strange and almost impossible; I mean, when scientists put forward the hypothesis that the Earth is round; many people attacked them and today here we are, in this world everything seems applicable.

So I was trying to make my questions somewhat logical so I started looking for the behavior of materials, and about the extent to which they can control their properties, and it seemed to me that science is giving a great interest in this topic; but what I imagined was much greater and far beyond everything.

I was wondering about a technique that enables us to completely change the behavior of the materials used in construction, I don’t know, a magnetic field, injecting them with chemicals, the important thing is that we make those materials one way or another gain the property of infinite expansion and expansion, that we control the behavior of atoms and electrons, and make them reproduce and divide continuously So, that building block starts building automatically and forming a huge part of the building, it's really a fun way of thinking.

The beautiful thing in knowing that it was born from an idea that was once a fantasy, and the imagination is something that is not limited and is not governed by any laws.

Imagination is a great idea; but some people prefer to think logically, but I have great hope for what I am saying here because scientists have already recently succeeded in changing the behavior of carbon by means of nanotechnology, a technique that is based on converting molecules that make up matter into very small nanometers, This technique was used on carbon material by emptying the electric arc and laser ablation, high pressure carbon monoxide, and chemical precipitation of vapor, or in a simpler way to vaporize this material and then reassemble the vapor atoms.

This technology gave the carbon material completely new properties, which made it the most solid, and rigid material among the materials discovered in terms of tensile strength and elastic modulus, respectively. Read More about New techniques stretch carbon nanotubes, make stronger composites

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