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January 13, 2020

What Happens If a Person Eats Uranium?

What Happens If a Person Eats Uranium?

If we look at the periodic table of elements, we will find many names that we are used to seeing in the food labels we eat, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, etc., and if we look down the row in the table we will find other names that we might get used to hearing when talking about nuclear agreements or energy projects on TV. Like uranium, so what would happen if uranium was a component of the foods we eat.

Uranium Properties

We should take a look at the most important characteristics of this element, which are:
Uranium is an element of atomic number 92.
Uranium is denoted by U.
Uranium is a metal mineral.
Uranium is a radioactive element.
Uranium is famous for its white color, which tends to be silver.
Uranium falls into the actinide chain in the periodic table.
Uranium is a very heavy and heavy metal.
Uranium is found naturally in both water, rocks and soil.
Experts manipulate the three uranium isotopes after being extracted.
Less radiation in uranium is used to make lead or paint.
The most radioactive uranium is used in the nuclear weapons industry and in power plants.

Do We Eat Uranium in Our Daily Diet?

If you think that you are far from being exposed to uranium because you are not working in the defense field, or at a power plant, and therefore you are protected from exposure to uranium radiation then you are wrong, because exposure to the uranium component occurs more than this, as there are certain crops like potatoes The turnip is rich in uranium, of course there are other foods that contain uranium, but these two types are the most absolutely, and the EPA says that the average person eats 0.07 to 1.1 micrograms of uranium per day.

If you are worried about this, there is no need for that, because you will not have to stop eating those foods, as the amount of uranium consumed daily does not constitute any harm to you so you do not have to worry, especially since the human body finds it difficult to absorb the uranium component as it is, where 95 to 99 percent of uranium is excreted in the feces, and most uranium is excreted in the urine in just 24 hours, so the rest of the uranium in the bones is very small, and the uranium intake is much less toxic than inhaled.

What Are the Results of Eating Uranium?

Uranium is a word we hear a lot when talking about energy or nuclear, but it is one of the elements of the periodic table that also includes the elements we eat, such as iron, magnesium, calcium, etc., so what would happen if a person picked a spoonful of uranium and started eating it, that is, what would happen if uranium was not It is taken through some foods as we explained in small quantities, and was it the main dish for your food instead of being a rare item in the food?

Of course it will not be surprising if we say that consuming high doses of radioactive materials increases the chances of developing cancer, but these effects appear in the long run, and they are negligible effects compared to the immediate effects that occur from the chemical toxicity of uranium and other radioactive materials, and target uranium in The first place is the kidney, and it causes fibrosis in it that appears after consuming 25 milligrams of it, while kidney failure that leads to death occurs if more than 50 milligrams of uranium is ingested.

Scientific studies conducted on experimental rats that dealt with uranium over long periods of time showed that there were chemical changes in the brain as well, but fortunately, despite the scientists ’belief that uranium is fatal when taking high doses of it, so far no human deaths have occurred due to Oral exposure to uranium.

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