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January 17, 2020

What Would Happen If the Sun Disappeared One Week?

Sun disappear
If you lived in one of the areas exposed to cold and dark winters, long or short, then the sun’s sight in the sky will become one of the pleasures of your daily life. As for the coming of spring, it will become a matter of joy and celebration, because it means giving up thick, annoying coats, and leaving the office before dark.

What Would Happen If the Sun Disappeared One Week?

In its moderate periods, the sun is friendly to the human body, stimulating it to get out of bed in the morning, strengthening its bones with vitamin D, and avoiding it as seasonal depression.

we will be in a state of fatigue, excessive sleepiness, and psychological problems if the sun disappears for a week, and its absence will have great and immediate effects on the planet and its lifetime.

The most significant change will be the transformation of the planet Earth into a very cold dark place, as you did not know before. The process of succession of night and day will also be affected, because it is caused by the continuous rotation of the earth around the sun, forming the system upon which we adjust our calendar, so we determine the hours of the day as those that The parts of the globe that face the sun during its rotation are permeated, and after that evening hours, as these parts move away from facing the sun during the rotation process if the sun disappears, the day will enter the night at night within 8 and a half minutes, which is the time it takes sunlight to reach a surface Earth.

The temperature of the planet will drop within a week to zero degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to 17.8 degrees Celsius negative, it will be a bitter cold, but not enough to freeze the human race and other life images on the surface of the planet, it will not happen immediately at least! The absence of the sun means stopping the process of photosynthesis, in which the plant converts sunlight into energy that enables it to survive. The death of plants will lose grass-eating animals, the source of their food, which means their death and then the death of carnivores.

It will take a year for the Earth to drop its surface temperature to 100 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, which is equivalent to 73.3 degrees Celsius negative. The ice at this point will be severe enough to eliminate the various species of species with no stable source of energy and heat.

The effects of the absence of the sun for a week will not be confined to the surface of the earth only but will extend to the outer space as well, while the earth spins around its axis, it revolves around the sun, which is 100 times the diameter of the planet, giving it a giant attraction force that forms a center For all planets of the solar system, without this gravity the planets will float in space, making the Earth vulnerable to collision with any other planet, comet or meteorite.
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