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January 21, 2020

What Would Happen If You Shot a Bullet Back While Moving Forward at the Same Speed

gun with bullet coming out
Supposing you move at a speed of 300 km/h, and for some reason, you decide to hit a target, you take out a pistol and point your back.

In this case, you are aiming in the opposite direction of your movement and supposing that the bullet also moved at your same speed.

So, you are moving forward at 300 km/h, and the bullet was fired at the same speed in the opposite direction.

What will happen to the bullet for you?

There are different answers to this question depending on specific circumstances. The short answer, however, is the following:

- You are traveling on a specified path at a speed of 300 km/h, and let's say it is the speed "y".

- The bullet fired in the opposite direction at a speed of 300 km/h, so we call it minus y. “- y.”

- So you are traveling at a speed of y, and a shot was shot at a speed of '-y'.

- This means that - Y + Y = 0, so the bullet should drop straight down, that's right, once you hit the trigger the bullet will collapse immediately.

But in reality, the issue is more complicated than this
First, even if the bullet moves at an average of 300 km/h, it needs some time to reach this speed.

When you press the trigger the projectile will not gain this speed at once, but it needs some time to accelerate, so when you press the trigger the bullet will accelerate in the gap of the pistol until you later reach the speed of “-y” and cancel the effect of your “speedy” movement, so in reality, it will not fall The bullet directly, but it will move a small distance from the point from which it was fired.

This answer also does not take into account air resistance, and of course, there is air resistance, besides that the bullet will rotate inside the pistol gap.

Resisting the air and spinning inside the pistol's bore will prevent it from going completely straight forward, and you will end up staying inside the pistol groove, that is, you will not fall from it.
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