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January 16, 2020

What Will Happen If I Open the Plane Door During the Flight

What Will Happen If I Open the Plane Door During the Flight
Flying causes stress for a variety of reasons, from long lines at airports to children screaming on the plane. Flying provokes us and makes us nervous. If that's not enough, planes are a perfect filming scene in movies to portray a misfortune.

The media coverage of aviation and terrorism accidents also amplified people's fear of flying. We look at our fellow travelers that they may lose their minds and try to open a door during the journey, to condemn us all to death.

What will happen if I try to open the plane door during the flight? 

Nothing will happen. Of course, the flight crew will restrain you and arrest you when the plane lands. But nothing will happen to the plane, why? Because you will not be able to open the door; pressure will prevent you from doing so.

Pilot Patrick Smith says: “Think of the plane's door as a drain gasket fixed to the plane's internal pressure. Almost all aircraft doors open to the interior. Some of the doors are pulled up towards the ceiling and others open outside but first open inside. "And even a macho person can't beat the locking strength of doors."

The pressure inside the cabin is much higher than the pressure outside. So, a person needs to pull the doors with the power of a superhuman. While flying the plane at the fixed height of the flight, the pressure inside the cabin is 0.7 or 0.8 standard air, which equals about 5 to 5.4 kg of force per square inch. This is what you are trying to beat!

Now, you may want to know what happens at low altitudes. As a reminder, this is for science's sake, so please don't take it as a personal challenge. Even a difference of 15% ؜ of standard air pressure is considered too strong for a human to overcome. The doors can only be opened when the plane is close to the ground and very close. In the event of an emergency during take-off or landing, it is easy to open doors to release inflatable slides.

If you can open the door in the air, this means that you have more problems. This means that the pressure in the cabin of the plane is low.

The subject can be not dramatic cinematic, but it can be just as deadly as the explosive depressurization which happens when the cabin is damaged as it did in the unfortunate case of Southwest Airlines a few weeks ago. One of the engines exploded, breaking a window and partly pulling a woman out of the cab, and she died from injuries from the engine debris.

The air accelerated out of the cabin due to the high pressure, and the oxygen masks were opened automatically. At low atmospheric pressure, the human body cannot absorb enough oxygen and ultimately dies due to its deficiency.

In the case of Southwest Airlines flight, the pilot, Tammy Joe Schultz, had the skill to make an emergency landing before any of the passengers on the flight were affected by hypoxia. Selfies of the plane showed that almost all of the people were wearing oxygen masks incorrectly. People have to cover their mouths and noses!

Even if you are at a height that allows you to open the door, you will not be able to do that, as the "Cooper blades" device will prevent you. This mechanical device was invented during the 1970s after BD escaped. Cooper is on a plane carrying a large amount of cash hopping from the plane using an umbrella. He managed to open the door because the pilot lowered the cabin pressure first.

You should not be afraid that a passenger will open the door because they are honestly unable to do so, and you should not be afraid of flying in general. In 2017, the safest year in commercial aviation, there were only 10 fatal accidents out of 36.8 million flights!

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