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January 15, 2020

What Happens to Your Body If You Don't Get Enough Sun

Enough Sun - Vitamin D
Even if this is not life-threatening, getting out, breathing fresh air, and exposure to sunlight is important to your health, as getting out will give you a good dose of vitamin D.

What happens to your body if you don't get enough sun?

There are many vitamins that we get from food, but vitamin D is absorbed by your skin by a mechanism known as photosynthesis reaction, which occurs when exposed to sunlight.

If you never go out, you will suffer from a lack of this important nutrient, unless you add it as a supplement to your diet.

It is almost impossible to get the necessary amount of this vitamin through food only.

A few types of food contain vitamin D, and foods containing it contain a small amount of it.

Despite this, some people think that the vitamin D we get from the nutritional supplements is not as good as the vitamin that is made in the presence of sunlight.

But why do we need vitamin D?

Vitamin D is essential for bone health, and it also protects against chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Decreased vitamin D levels lead to poor bone health.

The presence of inappropriate amounts of this vitamin has also been linked to multiple sclerosis and prostate cancer.

In addition to getting nutrients, spending time in the sun is important to your overall health and improves your mood.
Sun exposure helps people with seasonal affective disorder.

And not only that, the sun adjusts the nitric oxide in the blood and skin, which lowers blood pressure, which in turn helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

Although exposure to the sun has many benefits, exposure to it is highly harmful.

Aside from sun damage and the burns it causes, high exposure to natural light can harm the skin's immune system.

Excessive exposure to sunlight can also lead to injury to skin cell membranes, and increase the risk of skin cancer.

UV rays can damage your skin in just 15 minutes, and that's where we wear sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

However, getting out is considered good for you as long as you don't overdo it.

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