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December 1, 2019

What If You Poured Water On The Sun?

What If You Poured Water On The Sun?
What If You Poured Water On The Sun?

Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, the two elements that fuel the nuclear fusion of the sun.

But more importantly, any additional mass will increase the weight of the sun.

So the process of pumping water into the sun will crush the sun tightly and faster than the fusion process.

Which means it will burn more brightly, and will run out of fuel faster!

As you add water, the sun will enter through strange stages of fusion.
During one of these phases, called helium flash, the reaction rate will be proportional to the exponent 40 of its temperature. 
This is probably the largest exponent you might see in a physical equation, but one way or another the sun will crumble on itself and its outer layers swell. And turn into a black hole.

Now that the sun has turned into a black hole, you will find that whenever water is pumped, it will continue to absorb water and produce X-rays in return, so the resulting black hole will continue to absorb water forever.

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