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December 28, 2019

What If the Earth Is Flat?

What If the Earth Is Flat?
What If the Earth Is Flat?

What if the Earth is flat. Humans knew the reality of spherical Earth for thousands of years, and they confirmed this fact when the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik 1 satellite in 1957 that orbited the Earth.
However, a small group of people recently appeared on the Internet insisting on denying this fact and calling the flatland community, seeming to have planted suspicion about the simplest aspect of this reality, and the owners of this theory made a great effort to devise alternative explanations of why the world behaves like a sphere while It is, they claim, flat, although observations made by humans about the planet over thousands of years show that the Earth is round.
However, if the Earth were somehow really flat, it will not move like the movement of the planet we know today and humanity will disappear and anything else. "For an astronomical object to form a disc - rather than a spheroid - it must be rotated at very high speeds," says David Stevenson, a planetary scientist at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech of Pasadena).
Astronomer James Clerk Maxwell  explained mathematically that the solid, disk-like object is not a stable form in the universe in his work on Saturn's rings, as his research predicted that it was formed from many small particles that are not interconnected and turned out to be right, and explained the mathematics that Maxwell also worked on it because there are no planet-sized disks floating around the galaxy.
We need magic to make the Earth flat without rotating it at great speeds, and it will not withstand long, as gravitational forces will affect the planet within hours on all sides equally. - Centrifugal forces - against the forces of gravity, causing a flatness at the equator.
Thus Maxwell mathematically demonstrated that stable disc land is not possible under conditions of gravity, and without gravity everything would seem irrational. The atmosphere will disappear because it is connected to the Earth by gravity, and the tidal movement will also disappear because its movement is caused by the gravitational Moon that affects the movement of the oceans.
As for the moon, it will disappear, because any explanation of its existence includes gravity. In the most acceptable scenario, the moon formed when a giant object collided with the Earth at the beginning of its formation and the Earth picked up some of the wreckage of this body. Another scenario says that the moon formed at the same time that the earth was formed - again, thanks to gravity. - Or, the Earth's massive gravity attracted large pieces of space as it orbited in space.
Gravity is responsible for the structure of the Earth’s layers. The most dense layers are in the Earth’s core, the least dense in the mantle, and the least in the crust.
The planet will move differently without this layer structure. For example, the outer core of the nucleus acts as a giant, large dynamic magnet, which creates the planet's magnetic field. This field protects the atmosphere from the solar wind. For science, Mars lost its atmosphere after its magnetic field disappeared four billion years ago.
Flat Earth theory owners have arguments for explaining previous observations on a flat planet. The problem, according to David, is that these interpretations have no mathematical or physical basis. When Maxwell predicted that Saturn’s rings were made of small particles in the 1850’s, this was demonstrated by general knowledge of how gravitational and rotational forces worked, and his article on this topic was mostly Mathematical equations, and the flat Earth community does not work this way.
The Flat Earth community's view of the world includes selections from various interpretations of various phenomena.
In fact, Earth and the Moon are spherical for the same reason - that is, gravity - and the flat Earth community has to invent two different interpretations of both, and these two interpretations often conflict with each other, and scientific theories do not work that way.
Let's put all this aside, if the Earth were really flat, this means that millions of scientists who deny the idea of a flat Earth and who have done this throughout history are involved in a cosmic plot for reasons that cannot be understood.

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