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July 27, 2019

What if we could use 100% of our brain?

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What If we use 100% of our brain?
Our brain size relates more to proportion than it does to intelligence. Our brain is smaller than a whale’s because our body is smaller. Still, your brain is structured in a way that enables you to survive and succeed.

So would you believe that humans only use 10% of their brains instead of 100%?

If you want to understand it better I advise you to watch "LUCY". It’s one of the best movies. This movie talks about the capability of our brain when you use it completely.
We can notice 7 things that could happen if the potential our brains increased:
1.  Most of the obstacles start dissolving.
– Obstacles are those situations where we feel stuck, trapped, impaired and can’t flow forward in life. As we increase our brains potential, we don’t have problems, we just have inventive solutions. You automatically attract things like abundance, car parks, and harmonious relationships and effortlessly find solutions to all your problems.
2. Wish begins to fade.
–Wish is what drives us to seek fulfillment. It’s the goal motive for most of our actions. It’s the idea that I’m separate to that thing or experience and if I get it, I’ll be more satisfied. As our brain usage increases the experience of the separation between you (subject) and the experience (object) decreases, and an internal fulfillment flourishes, dissolving desire.
3. Fear begins to fade.
– Like wish, fear is the experience of the subject (you) and object (something different than you) and the separation between the two. With increased brain usage, one acquires awareness that they are more than physical or material limitations, in fact, there are NO limitations. That mean, they had no beginning, and no end, just as the wave regardless of its time frame, is always the ocean. As Lucy says in the movie, “You don’t actually die.”
4. Control your body.
– No longer at the mercy of the responses in the body, living as a slave to it, one now is aware of the powerful intelligence within the body and is now the conductor orchestrating how it works. This ranges from not only healing oneself; but also having control over the seeming physical limitations and controlling the cells.
5. Reducing in emotions.
– Emotions are responses to circumstance indicating a binding effect that person or situation had on our experience of life. We feel glad, sad, and angry in response to situations. The Sanskrit word ‘moksha’ is freedom from the effect those events have on us. We are now free from the ups and downs of the emotional state responding to life around us.
6. Empathy.
– We can feel every living thing if we've access to 28% of our cerebral capacity. As we do open up regions of the brain and dissolve the experience of separation with other entities, one actually feels how they would feel because they are related through the field of Oneness.  So just as you have a finger, a hand, an ear, an eye, a toe, and they all look different and have different functions, if you hit your toe, your entire body feels it.
7. Oneness
– At 100% brain capacity separation dissolves, person merges with the Unified Field.

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