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July 14, 2019

What If All The Ice Melted ?

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If it continues to burn fossil fuels and sustains carbon emissions, the question of melting ice on the surface of the globe is only a matter of time.

Ultimately, climate change will melt the ice of the poles and the tops of the mountain tops. According to the British newspaper "independent"

If the polar ice melts, the world's sea level will rise to about 216 feet, or 65.8 meters, which means that many beaches will disappear and new beaches will emerge.

Bipolar ice is the largest reservoir of water on the surface of the Earth after the waters of the oceans, the amount of water in the ice poles by about 5 million cubic miles.

If carbon emissions continue to be as they are today, scientists are likely to take the ice to melt completely around 5,000 years, and the ice-free temperature of the planet will rise to unsustainable levels in some areas.

Globally, these are the most dramatic changes that will occur on Earth if the ice is completely melted. A virtual map of the shape of the world has been drowned in the polar ice waters.

Many coasts on the northern continent will disappear, including Florida and the Gulf of California, as well as the disappearance of the Atlantic Ocean.

One third of San Francisco will be turned into small islands, and the Gulf of California will expand to San Diego.

On the southern continent, the Amazon basin in the north and the Paraguayan river basin will disappear in the south, turning both into a small bay connected to the Atlantic Ocean.

Paraguay will disappear from the map and survive from the mountainous highlands along the Caribbean and Central American coasts.

The continent of Africa is probably the least affected by landfall. Water will swallow up prominent cities in North Africa such as Cairo and Alexandria.

But the dramatic rise in temperatures will make life in central and southern Africa almost impossible.

There will be no city for London or Venice. After thousands of years, the Netherlands will become completely underwater, as well as large parts of Denmark. The Mediterranean Sea will swallow both the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.

China will be completely flooded with water and Shanghai will sink into the East China Sea.

Bangladesh will also sink into the coast of India and large parts of South Asia will become small islands.

The state will lose its coastal strip, home to about 80 percent of its population, and instead get inland.

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